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Details Of How Asantewaa’s Husband Barged Into A Hotel Room After ‘Sex With Manager’ Tip-Off

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Asantewaa and her manager have maintained that the relationship between them is solely about work and nothing else.

In an interview with the TikToker by Kwaku Manu, she narrated how her husband was given a tip-off at a point in time about her and her manager Cassious making out in a hotel.

The manager has given his side of the story and it reads I was working with Asantewaa in the hotel, checking scenes when her husband barged into the room. He said he had a tip-off that I am sleeping with his wife in a hotel. The person told him that I am a ritualist and that if he doesn’t arrive there on time. I will kill his wife. If something had happened to Asantewaa while we were in the hotel that day, I would have been in trouble by now’’

My question is what if he was involved in an accident in the rush to get to the hotel, Who would have been blamed?


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