George Herman also known as “Babe” Ruth one of the most celebrated Major League Baseball players who had 2 children.

Ruth was born on February 6, 1895. He got married to Helen Woodford when she was 16 and was working as a waitress. The couple got married in a catholic church when they were teenagers and adopted a daughter. Dorothy Ruth was adopted by Ruth and Helen, but it was reported that Dorothy is likely to be the biological daughter of Ruth, born to one of his mistress Juanita Jennings.

Dorothy in one of her books said she was Ruth's biological daughter and it was confirmed by her mother Juanita Jennings who was very ill by then.

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Not long after Ruth's divorce from Helen, he married actress/model Claire Merritt Hodgson and adopted her daughter Julia Ruth. It was the two's second and last marriage.

The biggest MLB icon George Herman played for New York Yankees for 22 years. He served jail for driving recklessly. He died of in 1948, on August 16.

Did have any children?

Babe Ruth left behind 2 daughters, Dorothy Ruth and Julia Ruth.

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