Did Captain Lee Retire?

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Celebrity TV personality Captain Lee Rosbach was born in Saginaw, Michigan, on November 15, 1949. He gained notoriety for his work on Bravo’s reality series “Below Deck.” His goal in the marine business was finally discovered, even though he had no intention of becoming a yacht captain.

Captain Lee began a career in yachting, working on a variety of boats and superyachts, after earning his captain’s license. His exposure to the yachting scene along with his experience and knowledge helped him rise to prominence.

With his years of expertise and his firm but fair approach to management, Captain Lee has become a favorite of viewers on the show. His popularity among reality TV fans as well as the yachting world can be attributed to his commitment to his duty as captain and his relationships with the crew and guests.

Did Captain Lee Retire?

It is not confirmed that Captain Lee Rosbach has given up his yacht-chartering career. Health concerns had forced him to take a temporary leave of absence during Season 10, and there were speculations that he could be departing “Below Deck” following that season. In March, Captain Lee took to Twitter to address these claims, clarifying that, contrary to what certain outlets had claimed, he had not retired.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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