Did Cashay Proudfoot And Cinco Holland Jr. Get Together?

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A contestant on Love Island USA Season Three, Cashay Proudfoot is a native of Brooklyn, New York. Proudfoot was employed as a waiter prior to her arrival at the Love Island villa on Day 1. She partnered with Christian on Day 1 of the show, then on Days 2 and 5, had relationships with Cinco, Isaiah on Day 11, Korey on Day 15, and Charlie on Day 22.

Melvin Holland Jr., better known by his stage name Cinco Holland Jr., was a competitor on Season 3 of Love Island USA. Cinco, who was born in Ashburn, Virginia, on December 3, 1995. Cinco’s journey on the show involved multiple pairings when he first arrived at the Love Island villa on Day 1. On Days 2 and 5, he and Cashay first paired up.

Did Cashay Proudfoot And Cinco Holland Jr. Get Together?

The former Love Island Season 3 contestants Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland Jr. first dated intermittently while they were on the show. On Days 2 and 5, they got together, but things got complicated when Cinco chose to try making a connection with Trina Njoroge, another islander.

Cashay bonded with Casa Amor arrival Charlie Lynch, while Cinco pursued Trina despite his lingering feelings for Cashay. Cashay and Cinco reconnected outside the villa on Day 32, after being kicked off the island.

Things didn’t work out, and about five months after leaving Love Island USA, they called it quits. Cashay and Cinco announced their separation on Instagram stories in January 2022, highlighting the difficulties of breaking up and requesting confidentiality.

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