Reckless weather is battering California, bringing torrential rain and flooding, and residents of and Harry's hometown have been asked to leave.

It happens five years after disastrous mudslides in the coastal town of claimed the lives of 23 people. Residents in Santa Barbara nearby have been warned to seek high ground and take refuge from the hurricane, which has already claimed 12 lives in the state's west coast region.

In the midst of a downpour that has flooded roads and swollen waterways, the community of Montecito and its neighboring canyons were forced to evacuate on Monday.

Did Evacuate Montecito?

and live in Montecito, which has been forced to be evacuated owing to bad weather and heavy rain that have caused worries of mudslides.
At least eight inches of rain have fallen in Montecito in the last twelve hours, according to fire chief Kevin Taylor, and several more inches are predicted.

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Communities in canyons that are under evacuation orders are surrounded by hills that have recently been stripped naked by wildfires. Elegant Montecito is crammed between the Pacific shore and mountains. The Duke and Duchess reside there, along with many other well-known people including .

As of Monday morning, more than 137,000 people were without electricity as winds as high as 60 mph pounded the Golden State, toppling trees and powerlines in the process.

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