Did Keke Palmer grow up poor?

While some celebrities’ glam lives are how they have had it since their tender ages, some have gone through the darkest places to finally be where they are at the top, today. In this issue, we will talk about and what her life was like, growing up.

Born and raised in Illinois, US, she was exposed to the harsh living characterised by life in the black “hoods” at the time. With her parents busy with their jobs to make ends meet, she did not have so much attention from them, and even suffered sexual harassment from another family member.

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During an interview with Vibe magazine, she revealed how at a young age, she had been touched inappropriately, in a sexual manner, by an older cousin, which led to her curiosity about sex, ultimately leading her to watch porn, as well as masturbating at the age of six.

This, coupled with her growing career as a child actor, had caused a lot of anxiety later on in her life.

The multi-talented star did not have the best of childhood experiences but says it all led to her spiritual journey, which has ultimately shaped her into who she is today.


Source: Vimbuzz.com
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