Did Kimo’s burn down in Lahaina?

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A wildfire destroyed much of Lahaina in August 2023. As of August 13, 93 confirmed fatalities and more than 1,000 unaccounted for

Maluuluolele, or the “breadfruit grove of Lele,” was Lahaina’s previous name.

A bald chief residing in Kauaula Valley is said to have cursed the sun while strolling without a hat, saying, “He keu hoi keia o ka l hain.”

The name L. hain, which refers to the bright, arid atmosphere, means “cruel or merciless (hain) sun (l)” in Hawaiian.

During the tenure of the king or alii nui (supreme ruler) known as Kakaalaneo, the name Lele was adopted.

While dwelling on a hill named Kekaa, he conducted his court there while sharing control with his brother. The breadfruit trees were initially planted by this king.

Before the islands were united, Kamehameha the Great seized the town.Today millions visit Kimo in Lahaina.

Did Kimo’s burn down in Lahaina?

Kimo was burnt in the fires at Maui.It was in the way of the fire and did not stand a chance.


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