Did Lisa Marie Presley Get COVID Vaccine?

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Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of the legendary rock musician Elvis, passed away at the age of 54, according to her mother.

Priscilla Presley stated, “It is with a heavy heart that I must bring the devastating news that my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie has left us.

Also a singer, Lisa Marie was taken to the hospital earlier on Thursday. The US media said that she had a heart arrest. According to Priscilla, “She was the most passionate, strong, and loving lady I have ever known.”

“As we attempt to come to terms with this devastating loss, we ask for privacy.” Her mother made no specific comments regarding the potential cause of death.

Did Lisa Marie Presley Get COVID Vaccine?

Even though netizens are associating her death to the COVID vaccine, Lisa Marie Presley’s vaccination status is unknown. The celebrity was discovered unconscious in her bedroom on Thursday morning, according to TMZ. According to the website, her ex-husband Danny Keough, who also resides on the property, arrived and gave CPR.

Soon, condolences began to arrive from friends and followers all around the world. In 2022 director Baz Luhrmann’s biopic Elvis, actor Tom Hanks portrayed Col. Tom Parker, her father’s manager. Rita Wilson, Hanks’ wife, wrote on Instagram on their behalf that their hearts were “broken.”


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  1. I would think she was vaccinated, she would need that to get in to Hollywood events. Also I would think if a Covid Vaccine can cause heart inflammation then it is fair to assume this could well have contributed to her death. Given the amount of un-explained (SADs) deaths world wide (and there are now to many of them!), with famous individuals which are a small percentage of the over all population then you would think the death toll of lesser known citizens could be huge. So in my view this is death by vaccine myocardial complication and there needs to be a full autopsy performed and the outcome made public. These experimental products need further evaluation for safety.

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