Did Naomi Judd die from suicide?


is the mother of singer, Wynona Judd, and actress, Ashley Judd. Naomi was a country singer who also won a grammy award for her country music. Giving birth to children who were also in the show business, she was not much surprised when her children took after her.


Naomi Judd was also an actress and can be remembered for the roles she played in ” An Evergreen Christmas”, “Rio Diablo”, “Window Wonderland” and appearing in Animal Attraction with her daughter, Ashley. It seems she did not leave the children to their fate while she was actively involved in showbiz. She acted with her daughter and sang with the other and it was their song together that won the grammy award.

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Did Naomi Judd Die From Suicide?

Before the death of Naomi Judd, she had stated in an interview that she was at the moment suffering from depression. This was not giving her the needed peace she ought to have at her age and then her death was announced by her daughters.


The daughters did not give details of their mother’s death which implies that there is no clue as to whether she committed suicide or not.

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