Did Royal Lahaina hotel burn down?

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The fires were fueled by Hurricane Dora, whose powerful winds accelerated the spread of the flames towards the seaside town of Lahaina, which has been completely destroyed, and more deaths are feared.

No, a lot of users on social media have confirmed that the beloved hotel in Hawaii is still standing and undamaged by the fires.

Despite the name, it is located in Kaanapali, 3.6 miles from the center of Lahaina, about a ten-minute drive away.

According to the Maui 24/7 Facebook page, the fire did not spread past the Lahaina Civic Center, therefore the resort was thankfully spared.

One person emailed the hotel owner for an update and left a message on one of the hotel’s Facebook pages. “The Royal Lahaina is well out of the path of the fires, and all property, guests, and associates are safe,” the resort confirmed.

Did Royal Lahaina hotel burn down?

No, the Royal Lahaina Hotel did not burn down or suffer any damage as a result of the flames that ravaged some portions of Lahaina in 2018.


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