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Did Will Smith really hit Chris Rock? Will Smith hits Chris Rock Oscar 2022

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Chris Rock and Will Smith had a brawl during the 2022 Oscar streaming. Chris Rock showed up on stage to present the Oscar for documentary feature and cracked a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith being Will Smith’s wife just because of her shaved head.

Will Smith then took it personally and stormed the stage to give Chris Rock a dirty slap. Although it transpired to be a prank at first, Will Smith Then returned to his seat and yelled at Chris Rock. Stating; “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth.

Many in the Oscars auditorium seemed to be surprised at the confrontation of Will Smith. Diddy was a subsequent presenter at the Oscars, where he showed up to inaugurate the 50th-anniversary of “The Godfather.” Diddy dealt with the circumstance by saying;

“Will and Chris, we’re going to solve this like family. Right now we’re moving on with love. Everybody make some noise.”

Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock after making a joke out of his wife’s shaved head.

However, Chris Rock took it on the chin well, showed emotional intelligence, and managed to compose himself after Will Smith smacked him. Things could have been a lot uglier on that stage.

He didn’t make any move and didn’t show signs that the hit on his face hurt him. He was like “wow, Smith just smashed the hell out of me”. He acted mature, Will Smith must be the weak man here.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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