Diddy Return To Music & His Surprises’ As Host Of The Billboard Music Awards


The 2022 Awards will be a party! On Sunday, the 52-year-old magnate is set to have music’s large evening, and it will be one to recall.

“I thought it was the ideal opportunity for me to get back outside, once again introduce myself to the world and toss music’s greatest evening,” Diddy tells ET’s Kevin Frazier. “I’m perhaps the best host on the planet. You know, I love engaging.”

For the entertainment ceremony, Diddy is pulling motivation from one of the world’s best artists, and probably his greatest motivation – – P.T. Barnum.

“This time you’ll see that individual side of me and it’s charging,” he says. “I’m telling you, it’s jolting. You know, P.T. Barnum is my dream so I will have an evening of astonishment. I need to destroy the web.”

Diddy’s party is as of now stacked with exhibitions from Silk Sonic, Megan Thee Stallion, and and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The hitmaker guarantees that it will be a genuine festival of the craftsmen who are selected and making that big appearance.

“It truly is a festival of life and a night’s established in endlessly loving wins,” he says. “That is the energy we’re bringing.

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We’re bringing festivity because look, we’re outside, we’re chatting without any veils. I will keep us secured to the appreciation and the appreciation.

The appreciation for having the option to be able to be designated, to have your fantasies worked out as expected, get up on the stage and do what we do.”

Also, it wouldn’t be a Diddy party without some accommodating contest. The Making the Band have said he’s carrying that energy with him as he actually positions the night’s entertainers.

“I will rate the exhibitions myself,” he says. “I’m ‘Making the Band’ Diddy in there.”

During the show, will be the beneficiary of the current year’s Icon grant, and for Diddy, it’s an exceptional second. “It means the world to me. That is my sister.

That is the principal craftsman that put stock in me,” he says. “This is genuinely, really a round trip second. It’s genuinely a period of festivity and to be, you know, having it conform while she’s getting her Icon grant and it’s about to be a wonderful evening.”

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Diddy accepted his most memorable Billboard Music ward in 1995 with a craftsman and closest companion, Biggie.

“That is the principal grant we had at any point got, so that was a particularly significant evening,” the rapper says. “It’s a particularly legitimate association with me and the Billboard Awards now.”

“On the off chance that it was another honor show, we could not have possibly gotten the honor. In any case, they celebrated us.

I recollect Biggie was so invigorated, he practically fell. He was as, ‘We did it.’ He was hurrying to the stage. So it resembled a mind-boggling second,” Diddy reviews.

Also, not entirely settled to ensure the current year’s show is comparably unbelievable. “The night for me, even actually, is a major evening. This isn’t a gig for me.

I don’t need to do this. This is the kind of thing that I need to do,” he says. “I can hardly hold on to see individuals, to feel individuals, because that moved detracted from us. I’m simply living in such appreciation.

It’s simply I have a ton of things that I want to do. I got a ton of work to do. I’m here to change the world and this resembles my approaching out party.”

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Diddy is likewise outfitting to make his re-visitation of music. This week, the performer declared that he was sending off his own record mark, Love Records – – zeroing in on R&B.

“I needed to bring back genuine R&B so I chose to begin my own Love Records,” he shares. “It’s actually additionally me returning to what I love. I need to conclude what I planned to do at my next period.

What I love. I love making music so I’m back in music. I have a collection emerging, I have a solitary emerging.”

He adds, “It’s actually an advancement of my sound. It certainly has those components of my hit records as a whole, from Jodeci, from Mary J. Blige.

You know, the greats in general. Confidence Evans, 112. All of the incomparable R&B stuff that you love. The return is genuine and I’m better. I’m better as a maker. I’m here to contact spirits.”

The Billboard Music Awards air live on Sunday, May 15 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Source: Vimbuzz.com
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