Dino Melaye And Other Politicians Not Behind My Luxurious Lifestyle – Ashmusy

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Ashmusy, a popular skit creator and influencer, has disputed reports that politicians pay her luxury lifestyle after being accused of having a romance with Kogi-born politician and former legislator, Dino Melaye, along with her companion Nons Miraj.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Ashmusy said that her extravagant lifestyle is made possible by her labor of love.

Dino Melaye debunks alleged affair with skit makers, Ashmusy and Nons Miraj

She said;

“I will say they should keep swimming in their ignorance and poverty; that is their problem. If they cannot see the work (we do) and the things we post every day, and realise that those things fetch us money (that is their problem). It is totally untrue (that I am being financed by anyone).”

On claims of dating Dino Melaye, Ashmusy said;

“I was shocked, as I did not understand it; especially because I had never met him or had anything to do with him (Dino Melaye).

“The allegation came about because the blog involved was trying to chase clout and drive attention to their page.”

When asked why she sent the blogger a message if she was indeed innocent, Ashmusy said;

“The blogger and I usually chat even about business, so I sent a message refuting the story. I asked why they posted such false and terrible information (about me) without verifying it first.”

On if she would press charges, she said;

“One cannot be pressing charges against the wind. The blog is anonymous, and that is why they had the effrontery to post such nonsense without verification. Meanwhile, I am moving on to more important things in my life.”


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