Director Hans Hollmann Family: Wife, Children, Siblings, Parents

Theater director and actor was an Austrian-Swiss who lived from February 4, 1933 to June 26, 2022.

He held a degree in law and was also employed as a university instructor. Despite being an Austrian native, Hollmann spent many years residing in Basel with his family.
Hollmann shows have been invited to participate in the Berlin Theatre Festival since 1967. He belonged to the Berlin National Theatre company and was an honorary member of the German Academy of Presentational Arts.
Additionally, the city of Vienna awarded him the Josef Kainz Medal.

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Family: Wife

Hans Hollmann, until he passed married to a German writer, tv and stage actress called Reinhild Sold.

Director Hans Hollmann Family: Children

He had three children; , and Anna Josephine.

Caspar’s life was claimed in an accident in 2001.

Director Hans Hollmann Family: Parents

Prof. Hans Hollmann, his father, was a teacher. He taught music. His mother also worked as a teacher.

Director Hans Hollmann Family: Siblings

His siblings are not known.

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