DJ Khaled, an American rapper, discloses as he enumerates Tems’ admirable traits

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After meeting singer Tems at the 65th Grammy Awards ceremony on Sunday, February 5, 2023 at Arena in Los Angeles, DJ Khaled reportedly found it difficult to control his emotions.

This was according to the report.

Many people praised Tems after seeing a video of DJ Khaled greeting her on the red carpet at the awards.

When he first saw her in the video, DJ Khaled struggled to contain his admiration and feelings for her. In awe of her awesomeness, he literally took a bow, shook hands with her, and requested a hug.

DJ Khaled, an American record producer, has explained why he would adore working with Tems, a Nigerian singer.

She was praised by Dj Khaled for being special, sincere, and dedicated to her career. He claims that he appreciates Tem’s spirit, music, and purity.

This was announced by the American music producer at the 2023 Grammys.

DJ Khaled, an American rapper, discloses as he enumerates Tems' admirable traits

The “God Did” hitmaker claims that Tems’ outstanding qualities are the reason why he wants to collaborate with her.

“I wish to collaborate with her. I genuinely enjoy working with her. I adore her spirit, what she stands for, and her music. I adore her sincerity. I can tell that her music comes from the bottom of her heart and soul. I’d adore to collaborate with Tems”.


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