DNA Tests Prove Milkman Fathers Over 800 Children In California

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‘Daily News’ has reported on a current miracle that has happened which had one Randall (Randy) Jeffries who was a milk delivery man in the 1950s and 1960s in Southern California fathering over 800 children.

Randall (Randy) Jeffries according to the report used to supply milk in the San Diego locality. Back then, there were no packed milk boxes. Randy does make delivery of the milk to his client’s doorsteps.

Randall (Randy) Jeffries who was very handsome back then as a result of his work gets closer to the housewives of his clients who sometimes appreciate him with pies and snacks.

With most of the women being wives of servicemen and with Randy being consistent with the supplies of the product that they need, he turns up to fall for their seductions and ‘chop’ the hell out of them. Their discreet extra-marital affairs end up in pregnancies unknowing to him.

As a fact, there were no DNA kits nor were there any sort of technology to check if one’s wife have cheated with another man and gotten a pregnancy smuggled in the marriage in the process.

A lot of adults in the San Diego area had controversial DNA test results where it was clear that their father was not of blood relation. This led to all kinds of chaos in their families.

After a former FBI profiler did a couple of research and digging, Randall (Randy) Jeffries DNA matched with the over 800 children in California. After hundreds of tests and re-tests, stark facts hit the researchers, they found out that the man had over 800 kids in San Diego and its environs.

On account of their ages and laws at the season of origination, Randall was clear of all legitimate charges that might have originated from missed kid support or something like that.

Randall was quoted telling the ‘Daily News’ website:

“All these years I thought I was sterile. My wife and I never had any children. To think that at age 97, to hear such news! What a blessing. I now feel so fulfilled and cannot wait to meet all my children.”

What a record.

Surprisingly, our checks have revealed that this story is fake.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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  1. Aaron Cotton Reply

    This is fake news from a satire website called Dailynewsreported.

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