Do King Charles Security Have Fake Arms?

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Social media sleuths are convinced there is more to the band of guards assigned to watch over King Charles, and their wacky idea about them is gathering support online.

It all revolves around the rumor that the royal guard has fake arms so they can keep a gun in a discrete location under their vests and coats in case of emergency.

Someone on TikTok noticed how the guards’ hands were held as they kept a careful eye on the new King.

Close to 16 million people have watched the video, and it has sparked a lot of debate on the idea that the security guards were constantly holding the trigger in their hands.

“The name ‘armed security’, as one individual put it, contains the hint.

Another person remarked, “You should be concerned about the guards you can’t see.”

Others countered that this happens and that it is “clearly established” that most world leaders are covered in a similar way.

Do King Charles Security Have Fake Arms?

There is no concrete evidence to show that King Charles’s security has fake arms, it was said to be rumors and speculations.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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