Do Scientologists Believe In Chemotherapy?

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One or more anti-cancer medications are used as part of a regular chemotherapy program in chemotherapy, a kind of cancer treatment. Chemotherapy can be administered with the goal of curing a condition, extending life, reducing symptoms, or all three.

Hormone therapies are currently defined as the development of treatments with particular molecular or genetic targets that block the growth-promoting signals from traditional endocrine hormones (mainly estrogens for breast cancer and androgens for prostate cancer).

The term “targeted treatment” is used to describe various growth-signal inhibitions, such as those linked to receptor tyrosine kinases.

Importantly, the administration of medications (such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or targeted therapy) is considered systemic therapy for cancer because these treatments enter the bloodstream and may, in theory, treat cancer at any anatomic site in the body.

Do Scientologists Believe In Chemotherapy?

Following a cancer diagnosis, a Scientologist who has started the “OT levels” in Scientology will use chemo to treat most patients.

When treating cancer, systemic therapy is sometimes combined with additional therapies known as local therapy (i.e., those whose effectiveness is restricted to the anatomic area where they are administered), such as


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