's wife, , is significant support for him both on and off the golf course.

The couple has been together since high school, but they rarely discuss their relationship with fans and prefer to keep it private.

In December 2017, the golf pro proposed to his longtime partner. Although he didn't publicly announce the engagement, Golf Digest shared a picture on Instagram of Spieth beaming as Verret placed her hand in front of her face to display her engagement ring.

The couple then kept their November 2018 wedding so private that the only images shared on social media were a single picture from Spieth's bachelor party that Golf Digest studied and a few images of the golfer's friends who attended the ceremony but without the happy couple.

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Does Annie Verret Play Golf?

Verret frequently competes on the PGA tour. Verret isn't a professional golfer like her husband, but she always stands by his side and cheers him on at his big tournaments. As she gets ready for the 2019 Masters Par 3 competition, she has even tried her hand at caddying.

Spieth had referred to Verret as his “rock” after he ended his protracted winless streak in 2021.

At the time, he added in a press conference, “This is my first win since we've been married so it's been going this way since maybe December.” “There were a lot of difficult periods before that. When things are difficult at work, you try not to carry them over to your personal life. I'm incredibly appreciative of the individuals in my life.”

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The son of Verret and Spieth also seems to be enjoying the sport. The golfer joked that Sammy was making his “caddie debut” in April 2022 when he uploaded a sweet photo of his wife and son dressed in “Spieth” attire. Two months later, Spieth shared a sweet photo of Sammy inspecting a pair of golf clubs that were stashed inside a golf bag with his name.

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