Does Chris Evans Has Skin Cancer?

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Christopher James Evans (born April 1, 1966) is an English television presenter, radio DJ, and radio and television producer.

As a youngster, he began his broadcasting career with Piccadilly Radio in Manchester before relocating to London as a broadcaster for the BBC’s BBC Radio London and subsequently Channel 4 television, where he rose to prominence with The Big Breakfast.

Chris Evans was soon able to impose extremely favorable conditions, allowing him to broadcast on competing radio and television stations.

Slots like Radio 1 Breakfast and TFI Friday offered a combination of celebrity interviews, music, and comedy games delivered in an irreverent tone that drew good ratings but also a large volume of complaints.

Does Chris Evans Has Skin Cancer?

Chris Evans, a radio personality, has stated that he has skin cancer. He stated that it was discovered in its early stages and that he will be treated next month. He also recommended individuals to get any strange spots on their skin investigated.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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