Does Hugo Weaving have a daughter?

Hugo Weaving
Hugo Weaving

Does have a daughter? This question has been asked by many fans of Hugo Weaving.

The British actor, Hugo Weaving gave birth to two children with Katrina Greenwood as they have been together since 1984.

The couple gave birth to a boy and a girl. Holly Greenwood, born in 1993 is the daughter of Hugo Weaving.

Holly Greenwood [Left] and Max [right] Credit: @ hollywgreenwood /Instagram
Their son, Holly’s older brother called Harry Greenwood born in 1989.

Harry Weaving and father
Harry Greenwood and father, Hugo Weaving

5 Facts about

  • Holly Greenwood was born in Sydney, Australia. She is an artist. She paints portraits, among other things. She posts all her works on her Instagram page. Some of her paintings can be found at Olsen Gallery, Sydney. James Makin Gallery, Melbourne.
  • Both Parents Hugo Weaving and Katrina Greenwood are popular in the film industry.
  • She was raised in a well-known family and comes from a family of actors and actresses. She has cousins as who is also an actress.
  • She is currently active on Instagram, where she gives her fans updates of her projects.
  • Holly Greenwood currently resides in Australia

What’s Holly Weaving’s Net Worth?

  • It’s currently not known what the Australian actress’s net worth is. But we do know she is wealthy as she comes from a rich family and is seen to live lavishly.
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Thanks to Shelby for helping us with the authentic facts and details of Holly Greenwood.

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  1. Your information is incorrect. Holly was not born in the UK but in Sydney Australia. She is not an actress but an artist. The picture you used of her is of Samara, his niece. His kids do not share his last name but rather their mothers last name. Holly does have an active Instagram account. Please update your info and do research before you post incorrect info.

      1. You’re getting closer. Not sure where you got that picture but it’s still not her. Here is her Instagram link.
        Holly is a painter.
        Katrina is an artist (painter) also and has very little to do with the film industry other then to support her partner Hugo and her son Harry. is another source of useful info.

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