Does Kevin De Druyne Wear Eye Liners?

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Some could say that Kevin De Bruyne is the ideal player for a manager. Technically gifted, tactically astute, able to lead the team without seeking attention, rarely gets headlines for the wrong reasons, he can set up amazing plays without seeking attention.

The Belgian midfielder is not frequently linked to scandals or news-making extracurricular activities like parties. Even his sense of style is rarely discussed, and we can’t recall ever seeing him with a different hairdo.

Does Kevin De Druyne Wear Eye Liners?

De Bruyne begins for City today as they visit Brighton at the Etihad. He has been one of the top performers in Europe thus far this season. Graham Potter left Brighton for Chelsea after Thomas Tuchel was fired, and although Brighton made a strong comeback, they will have a tough time against the champions today.
The Seagulls might be motivated by the notion that City’s star player De Bruyne isn’t fully fit today afternoon, at least based on how he looked during the warm-up.

The TV cameras caught De Bruyne with a black eye that, when viewed from the appropriate perspective, unmistakably resembles some sort of eye makeup. According to BBC Sports Commentator Mike Minay, a ball was kicked during practice and struck the Belgian player in the face.

In the end, De Bruyne only needed one sharp eye on Saturday.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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