In 2008, wed , an American actress and singer. He is a rapper, musician, and television personality who is 41 years old and happily married. Up until 2016, when they finally got divorced, they raised eight children.


Does Nick Cannon Have HIV/Aids?


As far as we know, Gena is a model who is 27 years old. On her Tik Tok account, she made the shocking disclosure that when doctors finally discovered what was wrong with her, she was terribly ill, could hardly walk, had lost one eye to AIDS, and was on the verge of passing away.

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Gena recently made a public confession informing her admirers, fans, and followers that she had AIDS, the illness caused by a long-term, untreated HIV infection discovered by doctors when she was taken to the hospital after becoming ill. Many fans are concerned that Gena may have also infected Nick Cannon, a famous American rapper, with AIDS. The two made headlines for once having a secret romance. It's unclear if Gena had any improper interactions with Nick or even the other people. They will be in very big danger if they follow him. Additionally, she was in a dire predicament.

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