Does Star 67 Still Work?

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Star 67 is a code that can be dialled before making a phone call to hide the caller’s phone number.

When the code is dialled before a phone number, the person receiving the call will see “Private Number,” “Unknown Caller,” or “Blocked Caller” on their caller ID display instead of the actual phone number of the caller.

This feature is often used by those who do not want their phone number displayed for privacy or security reasons. It is important to note that not all carriers support this feature, and it may not work in all locations.

Additionally, some calls, such as emergency services or toll-free numbers, may not allow for caller ID blocking.

Does Star 67 Still Work?

As far as I know, it depends on the cellular network provider. Some providers may have deactivated the feature, while others still allow it. It’s best to contact your network provider to confirm if they support it.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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