Dominic Russo Death: What Happened To Dominic Russo?

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Shirilla who is just 18 years of age faces life with no possibility of parole until 2055 when she is sentenced in court on Monday for the murder of her boyfriend Dominic Russo who was 20 years of age and passenger Davion Flanagan who is 19-year-old.

Mackenzie Shirilla who is described as “hell on wheels” by trial judge Nancy Margaret Russo was convicted last week on 12 counts, including murder, over the deaths of her boyfriend, Dominic Russo, and car passenger Davion Flanagan, 19, in 2022.

The father of the boyfriend who was killed by Ohio teen Mackenzie Shirilla in a 100mph crash has said Shirilla needs help and not a life sentence.

Dominic Russo Death: What Happened To Dominic Russo?

Dominic Russo is the boyfriend of Shirilla Mackenzie who was driving the car at terrifying speed at 5.30 am when it crashed into the wall of a building in the Strongsville suburb of Cleveland, Ohio on the 31st of July last year.

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