The Senate for Florida approved the debatable “Don't Say ” bill on Tuesday, carrying the Republican-backed legislation outlawing teaching in primary schools to Gov. Ron DeSantis' desk.

The bill was enacted by the Republican-controlled Senate 22-17 and passed approved by the Republican-controlled state House 2-weeks ahead 69-47. has motioned his support for the bill and is required to sign it.

Advocates say that because Florida's K-3 curriculum does not currently include discussions of sexual orientation or gender identity, the law would not mandate an update to the state's curriculum.

But LGBTQ supporters advise that the law would make classrooms unstable areas for kids who are LGBTQ or whose relatives are into. LGBTQ. Such kids frequently already face increased probabilities of embarrassment and isolation.

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The legislation could also influence how teachers give teaching on a routine basis.

At a Senate hearing on 8th February, Republican Senator Travis Hutson gave the instance of a math problem that comprises the details that “Sally has two mothers or Johnny has two fathers.” ​​Republican State Sen. Dennis Baxley, who endorses the bill in the Senate, said that is “exactly” what the bill intends to avoid.

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