Doyin Of BBNaiaj S7 Sends A Message To Those Calling Sheggz ” An Abuser “

, one of the evicted ‘Level Up’ housemates has sent a strong message to those terming her colleague and friend, ‘an abuser’.

Speaking at a recent interview, “the therapist” as she’s fondly called addressed Sheggz trolls who called him an abuser, noting that there is absolutely no justification for such a term to be used on him.

The reality star seems confused as to why these people who refer to Sheggz as an abuser only choose to focus on the negative side of him or his relationship with .

She noted that Sheggz has been nothing but “sweet” to Bella as she recounted how he has been making breakfast for her since day one, how he ties her shoes, gives her a shoulder to cry on when she’s sad, among so many other things which he usually does for her without any grumble.

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She didn’t understand why everyone is so focused on the “little” negative side and completely ignorant about the good part.

Doyin proceeded to state that although most of them in the house didn’t get to see the negative side everyone is talking about, she strongly believes that the number of times Sheggz has been good and positive towards Bella is much more than the times he has been negative.

This Sheggz term originated from netizens’ and viewers’ reactions to how he behaves towards Bella most times. They strongly believe that the reality star was emotionally abusive and could be worse if he was outside the confinement of Biggie’s house.

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Also, the show’s host, Ebuka once caused chaos in the house during a live eviction show when he asked Bella about how Sheggz maltreated her and makes her apologize every time.

In response, she didn’t in any way deny it as she told him that although she was not comfortable with Sheggz’s attitude towards her, she was ready to make it work because she really likes him.

This was apparently the first time some of the housemates got to know the challenges of the ‘Shella’ ship which appear to be perfect.

Watch the video below:

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