Dr Joseph Dituri Family: Wife, Children, Parents, Siblings

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Dr. Joseph Dituri of the University of South Florida, commonly known as Dr. Deep Sea on social media won’t be able to see the sun for the next 3 months as he attempts to live in his subaquatic home for a record-breaking 100 days as part of an innovative biology study. Dr. Joseph Dituri is living undersea on a mission combining education for kids, ocean conservation research, and the study of the physiological and psychological effects of compression on the human body.

Dr. Joseph Dituri lives underwater at the Jules’ Undersea Lodge at the base of the lagoon in Key Largo. The researcher has no plans to come back to land soon. He plans to make it to 100 days underwater, to make a record that will be difficult to break. He is doing it all for his underwater mission titled Project Neptune 100.

Dr Joseph Dituri Family: Wife

There is no information about Dr. Joseph Dituri’s wife.

Dr Joseph Dituri Family: Children

Dr. Joseph Dituri has a daughter called Sophia Dituri.

Dr Joseph Dituri Family: Parents

There is no information about Dr. Joseph Dituri’s parents.

Dr Joseph Dituri Family: Siblings

There is no information about Dr. Joseph Dituri’s siblings,

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