Dustin Poirier Height And Weight

MMA professional was brought forth into the world in the United States on January 19, 1989. Dustin has held the interim lightweight title in the UFC before. He is currently ranked second among lightweights in the UFC as of May 9 and 11th among men in the UFC as of October 24.

Following Dustine Poirier’s career, The American began his professional career in 2009 and quickly amassed a 7-0 record while primarily competing in local promotions in his native Louisiana and the Southern United States.

In the documentary Fightville, Poirier’s early MMA career in Louisiana is shown in passing. In his WEC debut on August 18, 2010, Poirier was defeated by Danny Castillo in a unanimous decision at WEC 50.

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On November 11, 2010, at WEC 52, Poirier defeated Zach Micklewright via first-round TKO.  36 total matches fought, Dustin has won 28 fights, 7 losses .

Dustin Poirier Height And Weight

Dustin Poirier stands at a height of 1.75m tall in stature and weighs 70 kg.

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