Effects Of Tail Docking In Dogs: Effects Of Cutting The Tails Of Dogs

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Tail docking in dogs or cutting the tails of dogs come with an adverse effect which is very important to know as a dog lover.

Some people hold the assertion that tail docking in dogs is a good thing that reduces pest infection and others. However, recent research has revealed that the act is a form of cruelty towards animals that ought to be stopped.

We will learn about it whether the act is a good one or it is just a form of hurting innocent animals just to give them a specific look.

Effects Of Tail Docking In Dogs

Pain – Many dogs who have had their tails docked suffers a lot of pain. Accounts from many dog owners reveal that their pet goes through severe noxious stimuli when their tail gets docked.

They explained that it had a severe effect on the central nervous system and the development of their dogs. The docked dogs had excessive bleeding, infection, delayed healing and necrosis.

Chronic Health Issues – Dogs with docked tails within some breeds may have less well-developed musculature.

Behavioural Issues The tail of dogs is important for intraspecific communication and provides information about emotional states and social status, however, the behavioural effects of tail docking have not been well studied.

Cutting the tail of some dogs could affect the way they communicate.




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