El Lizato Biography, age, real name, quotes, proverbs, wife, children, phone number

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El Lizato real name Justice Agyekum is a Ghanaian radio presenter, MC, social media influencer and a self-styled philosopher.

El Lizato is very popular across social media, especially on Facebook over his funny quotes. He has a special way of coining his quotations that will crack you up with laughter.

In this article, we shall look at some biography details of El Lizato.

El Lizato Bio Summary

Real NameJustice Agyekum
HometownFrom Takoradi
Date of BirthN/A
Phone number+233241241624 / +233206622771

El Lizato Wiki/Biography

El Lizato born Justice Agyekum is a viral Ghanaian MC, Radio Presenter and TV presenter. He hails from Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana.

The celebrated social media icon is very popular for his funny way of coining quotes that will get you laughing.

A time in his presence will get you rolling on the floor because of the sence of humour he has. What makes it special is that no matter how much he speaks, he never lacks words. He’ll keep forming words until you beg him to stop.

Contract him as an MC for your wedding and your guests would never get a boring moment.

El Lizato also works full time on radio. He is currently in Kumasi where he works on Abusua FM. His show is one of the most listened to.


Little is known about the school history of El Lizato. However, his Facebook profile says he Studied at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

El Lizato meets Ibrahim Mahama

El Lizato has met a lot of influential people, one of such people is Ghanaian millionaire, Ibrahim Mahama. He did well to mesmerize him when they met.

Watch a video of them below:

El Lizato meets Jim Iyke

When Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke was in Ghana, he happened to meet El Lizato. His mind was blown by the words of ‘The Great Philosopher’. Iyke couldn’t hold his laughter as El Lizato have him quotes word for word.

That video really trended on Facebook:

Feature on Nigerian TV

El Lizato is a powerful name in Nigeria. He got featured on a Nigerian Tv station. Watch the video below:

El Lizato phone number

If you want to book El Lizato, you can call him on +233241241624 and on +233206622771.

El Lizato Quotes and proverbs

Below are some quotes and proverbs of El Lizato:

1. Early morning erection is a sign of a healthy man what is the sign of a healthy woman.

2. Your mates are saying “leave my office” you are saying “leave my girlfriend” sua nyansa oooo.

3. People with big teeth are popular at parties until someone finds bottle opener.

4. Don’t be the reason why someone kneels down and cry to God because some tears are dangerous.

5. Words are like keys if you choose them right they can open any heart and shut every month.

6. A busy illiterate is far better than an idle graduate.

7. there are three people you can never advise in life a lady in love, a man with money and finally an African woman following a prophet.

8. You know nothing about betrayal until you see your friend who told you he hasn’t read anything asking for an extra sheet during exams.

9. An old man once said stupidity and hypocrisy are when you are in Ghana fighting against racism in the USA yet the presence of your fellow Ghanaians from another tribe irritate you.

10. To avoid I’ve been raped my sister, go home after services and stop following pastors in the name of I want to see Daddy.

11. If you want to be respected make money first, nobody is interested in your age, my brother.

12. Everybody has the right to be stupid but some people try to abuse that right.

13. Blessed are the young for they Shall Inherit the national debt.

14. Do not be proud that you are a virgin because it is lack of opportunities.

15. The little opportunity given to a monkey to wear clothes does not guarantee it to join the dining table.

16. He who successfully convinces the monkey that honey is Sweeter Than banana is capable of selling condoms to a Roman father.

17. Whenever things seem to go well in your life the devil comes around and gives you a girlfriend.

18. You will never know the value of your buttocks until it develops a boil.

19. Dating a slim girl is the most confusing thing in the world you don’t know if it’s food they need or love.

El Lizato quotes

20. He who swallows a complete coconut has absolute faith in his anus.

20. I visited my ex-girlfriend and she served me rice and stew while I was eating their dog started moving up and down looking at my face and I told her younger brother that it seems your dog likes visitors and a boy replied no it’s because you are using its plate girls are wicked.

21. After sorting the conductor and calling him all sort of names then boom you didn’t see money in your pocket to pay him, my sister, you are no different from a dead body.

El Lizato Quotes

22. Don’t miss your hustle with womanizing it would delay your blessings my words are not enough for the wise.

23. It is better for a man to be stingy with his money because he hustles for it than a lady to deny you a hole she never drills.

24. Sometimes you look back at girls you gave money to rather than sending it to your parents and you realise that witchcraft is real.

25. Respect pregnant women because it is not easy walking around with the evidence that you had sex.

26. If you are a lady and you have attended over 100 weddings and you are still single you are not different from a canopy.

27. If money were too grown on trees women would have married Monkeys, my brother.

28. A brave man is the one who has a running stomach and still wants to flatulate.

29. My dear ladies do not buy a selfie stick wireless your armpit itself needs a shaving stick.

El Lizato Biography, age, real name, quotes, proverbs, wife, children, phone number

30. Nothing makes a woman confused than dating a guy who is broke and extremely good in bed.

31. All I hear is no sex before marriage if that was God’s plan your vagina and penis will be given to you at your wedding day.

32. it’s only a child who doesn’t know the vagina of a cow is meat.

33. The most common cause of stress nowadays is dealing with an idiot.

34. Good sex can make a lady apologize for the things she never did like “baby I’m sorry for the war in North Korea”.

35. Drinking a lot of beer will help you mind your own business because you will spend most of your time urinating instead of gossiping.

El Lizato Biography, age, real name, quotes, proverbs, wife, children, phone number

36. Do not solve laziness with prayer if you don’t work hard you will spend the rest of your life in church shouting I receive it.

37. 5 boyfriends and you are still using a Nokia torchlight, weytin you gain, my sister.

38. “Can we meet” if they’ve not asked you this question my sister your ugliness is beyond makeup!!

39. No situation is permanent except tribal Mark.

40. My sister if your man is cheating on you just remember what a man can do women can do it better.

41. I know a lady who has been 29 years for three years….. madam are you afraid of 30?

42. You call your boyfriend honey and you complaining other Girls are disturbing Him, who doesn’t like sweet things?

43. It is only Africans who buy anointing oil for protection from a pastor who has more than 6 bodyguards.

44. When your wife says you are the best during sex, who is she comparing you to?

45. I don’t even know why we write exams because teachers always ask us; have you understood, we say yes. Why can’t they just believe us?

46. If sex is the cure to coronavirus, my brother…… how many times will you take your medicine in a day?

47. Sometimes you block you your own blessings by telling everyone your secrets. Don’t be a loudspeaker.

48. Dear future wife, your breast should be pointing at my breast not my shoes.

49. No girl is ugly just that dome of them look like their fathers.

50. Is it in the constitution that when a Girl visits a guy, the guy must give her transport fare?

51. If marriage was free, some guys will still not marry because they just love jumping from one women to another.

52. If your boyfriend can’t settle your saloon bills, surprise him by getting him a job and not a new boyfriend.

53. Breakup is for small girls, grown women pause the relationship and come back later when the guy is back to his senses.

54. If sex can make a man marry you, then all prostitutes should have been married. A man loves where he finds peace.

55. If there is any major skill a lady must learn before getting married, it is how to talk, when to talk, where to talk and when not to talk. Many women have lost their marriage because they lack this skill.

56. If your family depends on you, stop competing with people who depend on their family.

57. The girl who I choose to date doesn’t need to make sense to anyone. It is my relationship and not a group assignment.

58. Having a short girlfriend is not bad until she washes your clothes and wait for you to come back from work before you dry them.

59. Stupidity is when someone that cannot give you anything influences you to hate someone that can give you a lot.

60. You have a generous man, you call him mugu, you have a stingy man and you call him wicked. My sister, your problem is spiritual.

61. Peace of mind is when you are broke but you are not owing anyone.

62. A humble prostitute is better than an arrogant virgin.

63. Many Ghanaians become less religious because the system provides 90% of their prayer point.

64. No one wants to support at the start of your journey but they all want to be your friends after you succeed.

65. Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge.

66. Explain your anger instead of expressing it.


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