Eleanor Reeves Net Worth, Salary, Height And Religion

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Eleanor Claire Reeves was born on 11th December 1980 in Lewisham, to teachers, Graham and Sally Reeves, and the sister of fellow Labour MP, Rachel Reeves. Eleanor Reeves grew up in Sydenham.

Eleanor Reeves is a British politician who has served as Member of Parliament (MP) for Lewisham West and Penge since 2017.
As an esteemed member of the Labour Party, Eleanor Reeves has served as Labour Party Deputy National Campaign Coordinator since 2023.
Eleanor Reeves previously served as Shadow Solicitor General for England and Wales and Shadow Minister for Prisons and Probation. Prior to becoming an MO, Eleanor Reeves worked as an employment law barrister representing trade unions.

Eleanor Reeves Net Worth

Eleanor Reeves’s net worth is estimated between $1 to $4 Million dollars.

Eleanor Reeves Salary

Eleanor Reeves receives an annual salary of £82,144.

Eleanor Reeves Height

Eleanor Reeves stands at 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

Eleanor Reeves Religion

Eleanor Reeves shows reverence for all faiths. However, her religious beliefs remain unknown.

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