Elijah Judd military: Did Elijah Judd serve in the military?

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Elijah Judd, popularly known as the Star kid, is the first born son of Wynonna Judd, a Hollywood actress and Arch Kelley III. Elijah was born on the twenty-third (23) of December in 1994, he is currently twenty-seven (27) years old. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee. Elijah is the grandson of Naomi Judd ( who passed away on 30th of April 2022) and Charles Judd.


Elijah also had a sister called Grace, Elijah and Grace are the children of Wynonna and Arch Kelley. Elijah really loved his grandma, Naomi. He and his sister used to visit her frequently. Naomi once came out that as a professional nurse she helped Wynonna through childbirth complications and that she was the first to meet her grandchildren, Elijah and Grace second to their mother.


Elijah Judd military: Did Elijah Judd serve in the military?

Unlike the other Judds, Elijah is a very conservative person. He is not on any of the social media platforms and has done very well avoiding paparazzi. There is currently no information about Elijah Judd ever being in the military.

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