Elijah Judd Wikipedia, Age, Net worth, Wedding, Instagram, Military, Parents, Siblings, Wife, Heights, Children

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Elijah Judd is a celebrity child. He is the first son of Wynonna Judd and the grandchild of Naomi Judd.

Elijah Judd Age

He was born in the year 1994 and is therefore 27 years old. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee and every December 23 is his birthday.

Elijah Judd Net worth

His net worth is not available.

Elijah Judd Wedding

Elijah Judd wed his wife on September 19, 2020, after their engagement in 2017.

Elijah Judd Instagram

Unlike his mother, grandmother and his aunty, Ashley Judd who is in the limelight, Elijah lives a quiet life away from the public eye. He is not active on social media.

Elijah Judd Military

There isn’t any information about him in the military.

Elijah Judd Parents

Arch Kelley III and Wynonna Judd are his parents. His parents were married from 1996 to 1998. They gave birth to him before they tied the knot.

Elijah Judd Siblings

Elijah Judd is one of two siblings. He has a younger sister called Grace Pauline Kelley. She is 25 years old.

Elijah Judd Wife

Hailey is the name of his wife.

Elijah Judd Height

His height is not known.

Elijah Judd Children

Not available.


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