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Elizabeth Olsen Reacts To Wanda’s Arc In ‘Doctor Strange 2′

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Wanda Maximoff gets back to the Marvel overlay after the tragic finish of WandaVision. In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Wanda channels her newly discovered powers as Scarlet Witch and completely embraces the Darkhold in her endeavor to rejoin her darling youngsters, Billy and Tommy.


Wanda’s excursion drops into obscurity in the exceptionally expected spin-off. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Elizabeth Olsen about whether she’s happy with where Wanda is genuinely and intellectually toward the film’s end.

“I’m [satisfied]. I think some way or another it is expected to end where it closes sooner or later, and I’m interested about where we go from that point,” Elizabeth told HollywoodLife at the New York screening of Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness at The Gallery at 30 Rock.


The Darkhold has a remarkable hold on Wanda in the film. Wanda takes incredible measures and goes for the kill in attempting to find America Chavez and take her Multiverse-hopping powers so she can live in an imaginary world with her young men. This imaginary world has its own Wanda, whom Billy and Tommy love.

Whenever the first Wanda attempts to rejoin Billy and Tommy in this universe, they are unnerved by her. This prompts Wanda to alter her perspective and understand the harm she’s caused in this universe and her own. She leaves the young men with their adaptation of Wanda and obliterates the Darkhold in each universe so no other person can attempt to unleash destruction across the Multiverse.


She brings the sanctuary at Wundagore Mountain down on top of her, and her destiny now is indistinct.

Elizabeth conceded that she adored embracing this new side of Wanda in the Doctor Strange continuation.


“I want to continuously have her have an advancement of some kind or another, and the development in this for me was truly enabling,” Elizabeth said. “She has another sort of certainty that we haven’t found in 8 years, and she’s truly not saying ‘sorry’ for anything.


She feels exceptionally clear in her convictions. I think that it is entirely honorable, and I delighted in tossing her into this excursion of franticness. I believe alright to play characters individuals get baffled some of the time. I partake in that as an entertainer.”

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