Elton John And His Husband David Furnish Appear For The Defence In Kevin Spacey’s S3x Assault Trial As They Give Evidence Via Videolink

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The legendary artist Elton John and his partner David Furnish testified via video link from Monaco on behalf of Kevin Spacey’s defense in the ongoing sex assault case.

On Monday morning, Mr. Furnish was the first to testify in Southwark Crown Court via video link from Monaco before Sir Elton was also called.

The accused, who is being tried on the full name Kevin Spacey Fowler, denies committing sex offenses against four individuals between 2001 and 2013, including sexual assault and indecent assault.

Last week, when testifying, Spacey denied being a sexual bully and called the prosecution’s case against him “weak”; he also claimed that one of his alleged victims was only interested in “money, money, and then money.”

The 63-year-old testified in court in London about his ability to have sex “all the time,” but how his fame made it difficult for him to put his faith in others.

On the way there, Spacey is said to have sexually attacked a driver. Sir Elton was questioned about Spacey’s attendance at the singer’s charity event in the early 2000s.

After the event, the singer said that Spacey spent the night at his and his husband’s Windsor house, but he added: ‘I can’t remember him coming down after that.’

Sir Elton was also questioned by prosecutor Christine Agnew on a picture of the complainant leaving a London theater while holding an umbrella.

The singer of Rocket Man said it was “always a mad rush” to get to his car when he left a venue with photographers outside, so he did not recognize the man and would not have recognized him at the time.

They could be the queen and I don’t notice,’ he said.

Each of Spacey’s victims has testified during the trial, alternately branding him a “vile sexual predator,” “slippery,” and “atrocious, despicable, disgusting.”

It follows Spacey’s admission to the court on Friday that grabbing a guy by the crotch is “generally not a first move” he would make when first meeting them. Spacey also claimed that one of his alleged victims lied to get “money, money, and more money.”

At Southwark Crown Court on Friday, the Oscar-winning actor was questioned further as the prosecution’s cross-examination of the Hollywood icon got underway.

Christine Agnew KC, the prosecutor, first questioned Spacey on whether the “crotch grab” was something he would typically do to someone he had just met.

Spacey replied: ‘No.’

Questioned on whether it was something he had done before that had worked, and that he considered it a ‘trademark’, Spacey replied: ‘No. Let me put it this way, it is the term ‘grabbing a crotch’ or ‘groping a crotch’ that I object to.’

When Ms. Agnew asked Spacey whether he considered a crotch grab to be an ‘appropriate’ first move, the actor replied: ‘That’s generally not a first move.’

Spacey disputes allegations of sexual and indecent abuse.
When questioned if his standing made it simple for him to “pick up people,” he said to the court that he was “sure if I wanted to I could have sex all the time, but I didn’t.”

At Southwark Crown Court, Spacey also described himself as a “affectionate person” to the jury.

He said that after making a “first move,” he might hug a person.
When asked what’moves’ might be suitable, the Hollywood star responded: ‘Every encounter that we have as humans, that I have had, is unique. The circumstance is unique, the person is unique, and how we have interacted is unique.

‘I can’t give you a sort of rundown of what always happens, it’s always different.’

Spacey said he “definitely misread” cues from one complainant who allegedly refused a sexual grab at a pricey villa he was staying at in the Cotswolds in the early 2010s in response to the notion that he may have “ignored” signs from the four complainants.

The actor also claimed that he had ‘consensual encounters’ with two additional complainants, including one who drove him to a luxurious party in the early 2000s and an aspiring actor who claimed that Spacey had ‘drugged’ him before he woke up to find the defendant performing a sex act on him.

The actor made reference to the complainant who said that after meeting him at a West End theater in the mid-2000s, Spacey grasped his crotch “like a cobra”: ‘He has made up his entire story from beginning to end.’

Spacey told the court his alleged victims ‘did not let me know’ if they went further with him than they intended.

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