Encore Healthcare Net Worth

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Merchant Viren The father of Radhika Merchant, the daughter-in-law of Mukesh Ambani, is also the CEO and venture capitalist of ENCORE Healthcare. A group of the best specialists in managing COPD and pulmonary conditions work at Encore Healthcare, a population health organization.

The Encores team has published more than 50 articles in CHEST, ATS, respiratory care, and the European Respiratory Society about novel care models, managing COPD, and reducing 30-day readmissions by up to 75%.

With years of program and business experience, Encore has created what we think is the ideal program, fusing technology, monitoring, clinical guidelines, and operational efficiencies into a one source solution that can be used across the continuum of care.

Among their offerings are: Plans for Health, IDNs, and ACOs -Network Management Provider -Programs for Population Health Professional Nursing Facilities -Readmission programs for pulmonary diseases such as pneumonia, CHF, and COPD

Encore Healthcare Net Worth

According to reports, Encore Healthcare is worth about INR 2,000 crore, or roughly USD 267 million.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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