Enrique Pinti children: Did Enrique Pinti have kids?

was born on October 7 1939. Pinti was an Argentine actor and stand up comedian As a comedian, Pinti performed stand-up shows with long monologues on Argentine politics and history, speaking at an extremely fast pace and resorting to a mix of swearwords and elaborate insults to qualify notorious examples of immorality or corruption.

The monologues were distorted by interspersed musical segments. Though his stance was impartial or unbiased, Pinti showed historical knowledge beyond the common traditional themes, so these shows were arguably an alternative source of learning about Argentina’s past and present troubles.

His productions, such as Salsa Criolla in the early 1990s and later Candombe Nacional, were among the most successful in the Argentine theatre.

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Pinti appeared in a number of Argentine films, in satirical as well as tragic roles. Some of the film were in Carlos Galettini’s Juan que reía (1976), Alejandro Doria’s Esperando la carroza (1985), Eduardo Mignogna’s Flop (1990), Alberto Lecchi’s Perdido por perdido (1993), Carlos Saura’s Tango (1998), and in María Victoria Menis’ Arregui, la noticia del día.

According to reports,  Enrique Pinti died on 27 March 2022 at the age of 82.

Enrique Pinti children: Did Enrique Pinti have kids?

According to sources, the man has 2 children. Their names weren’t disclosed


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