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Enrique Pinti wife: Was Enrique Pinti married?

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Enrique Pinti who was born on the 7th of October 1939 died on 27 March 2022. Pinti was known as n outstanding Argentine actor who doubled as a comedian.

As a funny person, he played stand-up shows with lengthy monologues about Argentine politics and history.

He talks at a very fast pace and uses a mix of common swearwords and explains insults to qualify famous examples of depravity or conspiracy.

Enrique Pinti appeared in numerous Argentine films, in satirical as well as tragic comedies.

Some of the most significant ones were in Carlos Galettini’s Juan que reía which was released in 1976, Alejandro Doria’s Esperando la carroza which was released in 1985, Eduardo Mignogna’s Flop which was released in 1990, which was released in Alberto Lecchi’s Perdido por perfidy which was released in 1993 Carlos Saura’s Tango which was released in 1998 and finally starred in María Victoria Menis’ Arregui, la Noticia del día which was released in 2001.

He died at the age of 82 after suffering from a chronic illness which was diabetes.

Enrique Pinti wife: Was Enrique Pinti married?

Honestly, Enrique Pinti never talked about his children, not his wife. Not even Wikipedia has records of his family. We can’t tell if he was married or not but such a noble and legend would surely be having a woman by his side.

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