Enugu government bans unauthorised use of vehicle with tinted glasses

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To combat the nefarious activities of kidnappers and other criminal elements in the state, the Enugu state government has outlawed the usage of vehicles with tinted glasses.

Prof. Chidiebere Onyia, Secretary to the Enugu Government (SSG), stated that the prohibition is in accordance with the state government’s desire to combat the nefarious activities of kidnappers and other criminal elements in the state.

The prohibition will go into effect four weeks following the announcement, with enforcement beginning on September 4. It said;

“In light of the suspension of Police Tinted Permits issuance by the Nigeria Police Force since June 7, 2021, this notice is extended to vehicle owners with tinted glasses who have not obtained the permits. Ample time is provided for these owners to either remove or replace the tinted glasses, especially if they are factory-fitted, as prescribed by the law.

“Vehicles found to be in violation will be impounded by the enforcement taskforce. Release of these vehicles to their owners will be contingent upon the removal or replacement of the tinted glasses, along with the payment of the stipulated fines.”

Onyia urges the public to kindly acknowledge and collaborate in adhering to this directive.

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