Eriata Ese reflects on the past while expressing gratitude.

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Eriata Ese celebrated her 30th birthday earlier in the day with a beautiful bridal-themed outfit.

The former Big Brother Naija housemate who unlocked chapter 30 posted pictures of herself wearing a white bridal-themed jumpsuit on her Instagram profile.

Eriata Ese, an actress and past housemate on Big Brother Naija, has reminisced as she approaches her 30th birthday.

The movie actress is happy that she isn’t where she used to be even though it’s not where she wants to be.

The reality star thanked her creator for her blessings while reflecting on her previous life on Instagram.

Eriata Ese reflects on the past while expressing gratitude.

That is a tremendous blessing for her, and she is grateful to God for giving her the knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate life.

“This level transported me back to the days before I could scent my name to this day. After going through some old memories, all I can do is give God praise for existence, if not for anything else. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m also not where I was. That’s a wonderful blessing, and I’m so grateful to God for giving me the knowledge and comprehension I need to navigate life. I’m eager to move on to the next stage of adulthood because it’s been both difficult and wonderful. The realization of a portion of my hopes for this age makes today feel nice.


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