Evelyn Penn Willis: Meet Bruce Willis Daughter

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Bruce Willis the veteran Hollywood actor who was birthed on the 19th of March 1955 has called it a quit from movie acting. It was announced in March 2022. Bruce started acting in the 1970s. Had has acted in about 6 decades.

Bruce Willis got famous after his role in “Moonlighting” (1985–1989).

Bruce Willis has starred in several action movies, making him outstanding and famous overnight as an action movie hero.

In March 2022, the family of veteran Actor, Bruce Willis’s disclosed that Bruce Willis won’t be acting anymore after he was diagnosed with aphasia.

Evelyn Penn Willis: Meet Bruce Willis’s Daughter

The Actor is said to be having three daughters without a single son. They are; Rumer Willis, Evelyn Penn Willis, and Scott Willis.

She married two wives who are known as Emma Heming Willis and Demi Moore. He divorced Demi Moore.

Evelynn Penn Willis was born in 2014 and she is now 7-year-old. Evelyn is said to be the one child

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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