Evelyn Penn Willis Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Siblings, Net worth

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Evelyn Penn Willis Wikipedia

Evelyn Penn Willis is the last daughter f the veteran American actor, Bruce Willis and his second wife who is an American model. Famous for being a celebrity kid, she also doubles as the late bud daughter of the 67-year old retired actor. She has four siblings thus three of who are her step older sisters and her biological sister who is two years older than her. Rumer Willis, Scout Willis, Tallulah Willis, and Mabel Ray Willis are the said sisters of the young girl.


Little Evelyn was born on May 5, 2014, in Los Angeles and is 7 years old. She will turn 8 in May this year and as always she is going to have a bigger celebration for the successful turn-up.


The 7-year old celebrity kid was born with a silver spoon already in her mouth. She is famous because of her parent’s level of wealth and prominence.

Evelyn’s parents are Bruce Willis, a retired American actor who made many appearances in Hollywood movies and has received many accolades for his name and hard work. Her mother, Emma Hemming, is an American model who has also made appearances in numerous Hollywood movies.


Evelyn is lucky to have fur older siblings ahead of her. Though three of these do not share the same mother like her, they are all family by blood since they have the same father.

Rumer is the older sister who is an actress and singer followed by Scout, who is also an actress and is 30 years old.

Tallulah is a fashion designer who has her own brand known as the Wylies. Mabel Ray is the direct sister of Evelyn with whom she shares the same mother. She is now 9 years old.

Net Worth

Evelyn is still young and does not engage in any career that fetches her money nor has she lost her father to receive her share of the family property.

Since she does not have any active means of work that brings her financial support, she does not have a net worth value except that of her parents which is around $5 million for her mother and about $180 million for her father.

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