Eviction Makes Housemates Question Biggie’s Moves

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The remaining Housemates reflect on their fate and Big Brother’s twists after five Housemates leave the Level Up House in one night.

Biggie’s House Guests, Chomzy, Doyin, Eloswag, and two Level Up Housemates, Allysyn and Dotun, were evicted on the tenth Live Eviction show. Their departure brought silence to the House, and the Housemates couldn’t stop talking about what had happened.

Phyna decided to save Chichi and replace her with Allysysn after Biggie gave her the opportunity to use her Veto Power. Phyna was shaken by Allysyn’s eviction because she felt her actions contributed to it. Bella explained that it was all part of the game, and she even advised Allysyn not to cry if she was evicted.

Later, Chichi, Phyna, and Sheggz discussed the Level 3 Game Play, as they were surprised to see the House Guests leave for good, as most of them thought they were returning to their new Level.

While they were thinking, they noticed that Biggie was playing the Housemates’ songs as if he was saying goodbye and had asked everyone except the Head of House, Phyna, and Chichi to pack their belongings so the Housemates wouldn’t suspect the departure of Level 3 House Guests.

Hermes was quiet and had less energy than usual after Allysyn and Dotun left. Daniella, on the other hand, remained alone for the majority of the night. Even when Chichi tried to solicit her opinion, she remained silent.

Emotions are running high, and the Housemates always seem to be in a bad mood after the Live Show.


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