Ex-Girlfriend Of Sha’Carri Richardson Admits To Physically Abusing Her


Recently, track star Sha’Carri Richardson opened up via social media about being manhandled in her past relationship, but at the time she didn’t name anybody. Well now, the ex of Sha’Carri Richardson, individual track star , has stood up by means of a new meeting and confessed to Sha’Carri’s charges and recognized herself as her victimizer.


While Janeek Brown said during the meeting that in spite of the fact that she manhandled Sha’Carri Richardson one time during their relationship, she likewise expressed that Sha’Carri can choose to squeeze charges assuming she prefers, however she accepts that she will not do so in light of the fact that she’s searching for clout from the circumstance.

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“I was oppressive once that there’s actual proof of. Furthermore, we continued on, and, surprisingly, after then I was attempting to continue on from that, we actually wasted time,” Brown said, as she recognized that their relationship was very harmful during their two years together.

Brown likewise conceded that her relationship with Sha’Carri spiraled wild because of unseen conflicts she was managing:


“We simply continue to battle, accusing one another and the ordinary relationship issues. No doubt, I was going through something — I was finding myself, that is the reason I am coming to web-based entertainment, you feel me? No doubt it’s a change; I will get myself now. I might appear to be unique at this point.”

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In any case, Janeek Brown immovably closed down claims from Sha’Carri Richardson that Brown’s family was likewise actually harmful towards her — and she asked why Sha’Carri is bringing the previous maltreatment up now as opposed to squeezing charges when the episode at first happened.

At this point, Sha’Carri has not freely answered Janeek’s meeting.

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