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Ezra Miller Deletes Instagram Amidst Allegation Of Taunting Authorities

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American actor, Ezra Miller has deleted their Instagram following accusation of taunting police on social media.


The Flash star, who is currently facing charges for allegedly grooming a girl, was reported posting numerous memes on their Instagram page shortly before deleting it. Though the said memes could harbor multiple meanings, many have interpreted them as cryptic messages to authorities


The 29-year-old actor who is set to star in 2023 The Flash movie as Barry Allen shared a meme that read, “You cannot touch me, I am in another universe” and many others.


Picture Credit: FilmMagic


Yet, Miller may not be as untouchable as they think looking at the many legal battles ahead of them with the most recent one being the grooming of a 12-year-girl who is now 18 using violence and intimidation.


According to TMZ, the parents of Tokata Iron Eyes have filed legal documents seeking for protection order to keep Ezra from their daughter at least till the end of the case.


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