Faith Morey Responds To Rumors Of Having An Affair With Iyabo Ojo’s Lover, Paulo Okoye

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Faith Morey, a Nigerian reality actress who appeared in the second season of the Real Housewives of Lagos franchise, has responded to rumours about attempting to abduct co-star Iyabo Ojo’s boyfriend, Paulo Okoye.

Faith Morey, who earlier expressed her wish to return to the Real Housewives series, also gave information about her current relationship with Iyabo.

Faith Morey refuted any attempt to court Iyabo Ojo’s partner, Paulo Okoye, saying:

“Well, it is not true. I do not want anybody’s man. You know, I am a single girl. I have been single for the past eight years. I was divorced. Nobody knew that. Unlike other celebrities, their whole business is online.

You know, I am very casual with my ex-husband. I have a great kid to raise. ‘She wants your man’. Then the final episode was, ‘She wants to get close to you’. Like, you can see the pattern. People lie. They cannot keep up with it. He will be alright.”

Faith Morey responds to rumors of having an affair with Iyabo Ojo’s lover, Paulo Okoye

Faith Morey refuted any attempt to court Iyabo Ojo’s partner, Paulo Okoye, saying:

“Let me tell you something, your haters are actually your students. I think even after filming, when we see at events, we will go, ‘hi’, ‘hello’, we will still do kisses. But when I watched the show, like the first three episodes, I was like, ‘hell no’, that is not going to work. I cannot be hugging up a snake.”

“… I think you have to be psychologically strong and mentally mature for you to be on a show like that because it can take a toll on you. But I also said on the show that after I left my marriage, I worked on myself for six, seven years.”


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