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False Prophet, Be Ready For Us – Nogokpo Shrine Threatens Agyinasare After Calling Town ‘Demonic Headquarters’

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It feels like religious tolerance is fading as a comment has been made by a man of God about a whole community and their way of life.

The statement made by him has met the ruff of many users of social media and that has also led to a post that is said to be a response from the community.

In a sermon, Pastor Agyinasare is said to have said that, Nogokpo a town in the Volta Region, is the demonic Headquarters in the Volta Region. This tag from him who is to have just given his sermon without a tag, made people who are even not from Nogokpo very furious.

This is the response from the community- “Dear Archbishop Charles Agyinasare our religion does not accept lies, fake prophecies, defrauding people under false pretense, extorting monies from people in the name of taking them to “heaven” which does not exist, taking taxpayers and innocent citizens money to build worthy homes, burry things or make sacrifices to get more members, we do not lose our focus to be preaching other religions rather than focusing on our ethics,”

“He who beats the war drum must be ready to dance accordingly. The same demonic headquarters are the places you pastors come to more members and powers to do your “church businesses”.


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