Fan Who Got Trolled By Singer Rudeboy, Appreciates Him Happily For Trolling & Finally Noticing Her

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Rudeboy suffered trolls recently as he announced his newly found love. He initially looked unconcern but came back later to also troll those that troll him.

An Instagram fan identified as Sonia, who got trolled by, Paul Okoye popularly known as Rudeboy, has appreciated him happily for trolling and finally noticing her. In a lengthy post she addressed to the singer via her Twitter page, she noted that she was beyond shocked to see that he had sent her some Direct Messages via Instagram to insult her for shading his new woman.

Check out the picture;

Fan Who Got Trolled By Singer Rudeboy, Appreciates Him Happily For Trolling & Finally Noticing Her

According to her, she felt elated that she spent a reasonable amount of time on her page to notice that her room was dirty judging from what he said in his clap back to her. She further noted that she found it very funny that he had never responded to the videos she usually makes for his songs which she shares via her Instastory regularly and which he views them, but could respond to her comments about his new woman. This to her, made her feel very excited because she felt relevant.

Sonia went on to say that her hateful comment about singer Rudeboy’s new woman had nothing to do with him specifically. She noted that she had always had reservations about men who cheat on their wives or go as far as marrying more wives. This to her degrades women and she would forever oppose it.

She revealed that she believes God knew what he was doing when he created Adam and just one Eve, and as such men should stop abusing the power, they’ve been given by marrying as much as they want or cheating on their partners. She concluded that she prefers to die single than share her man with another woman. She told the singer not to take her comments too personally and thanked him for giving her the spotlight.

People should learn to mind their own business next time.


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