Fans Believe Travis Barker Moved To Calabasas For Kim Kardashian — Not Kourtney, Like He Claimed On Reality Show


Fanatics of “The Kardashians” think they’ve found lying subsequent to dissecting a new episode of the Hulu series. In a clasp reporting the outcome of the Blink-182 drummer proposing to , her mother Kris said Travis uncovered he moved to Calabasas to be nearer to Kourtney before they at any point dated.


“Would you like to know the genuine justification for why he moved to Calabasas?” Kris asked Kourtney. He said, ‘In light of the fact that I realized she lived in Calabasas, and I realized she was my first love, and I didn’t actually know her like that, however I recently knew whether I was unable to date her or be with her since she was with another person that essentially I could live by her.'”


It will seem like a sweet, heartfelt signal in the event that you don’t let the way that Travis uncovered his moment fascination with Kourtney’s sister in his 2015 journal pervade your psyche. He uncovered that the pair even went on “honest” dates, with Kim carrying Travis to family capacities.

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Kourtney’s Husband Called Her Sister “F*cking Hot” In His Memoir

Travis Barker in a flash succumbed to Kim’s magnificence. In his 2015 self-portrayal, “Might I at any point Say: Living Large, Cheating Death, and Drums, Drums, Drums,” Travis looked at Kim while dating Paris Hilton. In 2006 he went to Amsterdam with Paris Hilton and Kim, her wardrobe coordinator at that point.

“We as a whole got revved up and ready to go at a bistro. Then, at that point, we rode over to the Absinthe Bar and the seedy area of town.


I was having a ton of fun and was glad to tell the world it. I kept on furtively looking at Kim, telling Lil Chris, ‘I couldn’t care less in the event that she’s the wardrobe young lady, she’s f*cking hot.'”

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Travis likewise offered Kim regarding about her eagerness to do an unscripted television show since he had recently done one with his ex, Shana Moakler.


“She needed to do an unscripted TV drama since she thought her family was intriguing, and clearly she was correct. I regarded her hustle. She was meeting with Ryan Seacrest, and she needed to know what it was prefer to do a show. ‘It’s chaotic,’ I told her, ‘You have no protection. It’s not simply you and your family in the house. It’s truly private, and it tends to be truly f*cked up.'”


Travis originally moved to Calabasas in 2007, after his split from his ex, Shanna Moakler. He bought a second house nearby in 2017. In a 2015 meeting with Us Weekly, he shared his very long term craving for Kim with columnists:

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“How should you not gaze at Kim? I appreciated spending time with Paris, however I love awe-inspiring young ladies. Kim was beautiful sight. I was not the slightest bit rude to Paris, yet I was unable to keep my eyes off Kim.”


Kim Kardashian Hung With Travis Barker A Lot
Kim and Travis stay in contact frequently after at first hanging out in Amsterdam in 2006. In 2008, she likewise displayed in a mission for his dress line called Famous.


In ongoing news in any case, Travis authoritatively sealed the deal with Kourtney Kardashian — yet does his set of experiences with Kim mean their affection isn’t certifiable. Just they he will be aware!

Roomies, do you concur with fan hypotheses that Travis Barker moved to Calabasas to be close to Kim prior to wedding her sister?

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